Heart Surgery Games

Heart surgery involves three main surgical procedures which include heart transplantation, heart valve replacement and heart bypass. Heart surgery games are designed in order to give a better understanding and practice to the doctors who perform surgery.

The doctor performing the heart surgery should know each of the steps and should be well versed in the flow of the operation. Even though the doctors study all the steps and procedures theoretically, these games give them a hands-on training. The Heart Surgery Games are developed to demonstrate from the initial basic steps to the final steps of surgery.

Role of heart surgery games

A doctor needs a steady hand to perform the surgery effectively. The games provide practice for us with cutting the bones and nerves, making incisions and suturing the tissues with a steady hand. So it will be less difficult to maintain a stable hand while doing surgeries. Hand-eye coordination is also greatly improved. These games also demonstrate the tissue preparation with the help of iodine solution. These games are simulated effectively as they show the anatomy of all the organs surrounding the heart. They exhibit the nerves, bones, and blood vessels in detail. In some Heart Surgery Games the blood oozing out while cutting the tissues are also simulated. The game provides tools for controlling the blood draining from the nerves. Monitoring the vital signs of the patient like the ECG, blood pressure and respiration rate is necessary. During a surgery if there is an abnormal change in the vital signs of the patient appropriate steps must be taken. These games give a practice to monitor these changes continuously.

Heart surgery games in transplantation

Many open heart surgery games are available online of which many concentrate on heart transplantation. If the patient’s heart is to be replaced with the donor’s heart, there are many factors that must be considered among which tissue matching is an important factor. If the donor’s heart is rejected by the recipient heart it leads to several problems. So it is very essential that the doctors check the reports of tissue matching. And if not matching various drugs are to be administered to the patient. All these tissue matching results and the consequent steps are demonstrated in these heart surgery games.

While doing a heart surgery, it is required that the blood vessels of the heart should be connected to a heart lung machine for temporary circulation to take place. The game helps in connecting the tubes from the machine to the corresponding blood vessels of the heart. Some games in addition to the transplantation surgery also help in performing the other two major surgical procedures namely bypass and valve replacement in a single module.

These games are also useful to patients who are fearful to undergo the surgery. The heart surgery games will provide them the idea of what will be done to their heart. These games help in providing fun to teens as well.

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